Azure Digital Twin
The Azure Digital Twin Agents allow you to connect your Data Stream to an Azure Digital Twins instance.
The Azure Digital Twin platform is a cloud-based IoT offering that helps you create digital representations of real-world devices or business entities, including their intrinsic attributes as well as how their relationships with each other. For more information about the Azure Digital Twin platform, please see their store page and documentation.
The Action Agent allows you to keep your Digital Twin instances up to date by taking Data Stream events and sending them as update or create requests. In addition, the Action Agent is able to integrate with a Time Series instance, which enables you to contextualize the up-to-date information from the Digital Twin instance with historical data.
The Context Provider allows you to fetch the twin data from the Azure Digital Twins instance and output it as contextual data for the Data Stream. The information for every digital twin that the Agent is configured to read will be output every time it polls.


The user must have credentials to an Azure subscription with permissions set up to allow reading and managing Azure Digital Twin instances.


Azure Digital Twin Action Agent v1.16
Azure Digital Twin Context Provider v1.02
Please contact XMPro if you're looking for an older version of this Agent.
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