Boon Amber

Boon Amber is a next-gen clustering algorithm by Boon Logic that builds a reliable "normal operation" model for each asset using a proprietary unsupervised machine learning approach. It is flexible in its ability to train on historical data or streaming data, in the cloud or on-premise while providing an easy integration to most interfaces via a Rest API.
The Boon Amber Action Agent allows you to perform operations on their platform using their available Rest API. Use the JSON Deserializer and Calculated Field Agents to format the Boon Amber Rest API's raw output.
Details for an example and its configuration can be found in the How to Use section.


The Agent requires a RESTful API metadata configuration file that contains the operations, their parameters, and the output schema of the operations.
Please refer to Metadata File Configuration for how to define RESTful API metadata.


Boon Amber Action Agent v1.0
Last modified 6mo ago