Calculated Field

The Calculated Field Transformation enables a user to create new column values by applying expressions, the result of which can be a newly defined column or it can replace the value in an existing one.
For example, the Agent could convert a temperature attribute on the incoming payload from Celsius to Fahrenheit - and either replace the temperature value or add a new attribute to the outgoing payload.
Statements can be written using a subset of the C# syntax. Refer to the example section for sample expressions and supported operations.
Details for an example and its configuration can be found in the How to Use section.


None at this time


Not every C# syntax is supported. Here are some examples of NOT supported features:
  • Multiline expressions
  • for/foreach/while/do operators
  • Array/list/dictionary initialization
  • Explicit generic invocation (like method<type>(arg))
  • Lambda/delegate declaration (delegate and lamda are only supported as variables or parameters or as a return type of the expression)
  • Array/list/dictionary element assignment (set indexer operator)
  • Other operations on dynamic objects (only property, method invocation, and index now are supported)


Calculated Field Transformation v3.43
Please contact XMPro if you're looking for an older version of this Agent.
Last modified 3mo ago