This section explains each of the properties in the configuration blade.




Associate the Agent to a specific Collection, defaults to that of the current Data Stream.

Polling Interval (seconds)

A timespan to specify the frequency at which the Agent should simulate data.

Refer to Collections and Stream Hosts to understand more about Collections.




The CSV file which contains the data used for simulation.

Data that contains a comma will cause an error. This character is reserved for separating the columns.


The CSV Definition grid is populated when the file is uploaded - one row per column.


CSV Definition (Name, Type)

The Name and Type of each column in the source CSV file, and as they will appear in the output payload.

The attribute name should combine words or use a _, rather than a space.

The attribute data types used for the output payload are String, Long, Double, Boolean, DateTime, or Integer.

Repeat events after reaching end of file

Tick to loop the CSV file contents; otherwise events cease once the end of the CSV file is reached and you must republish the stream to restart the simulation.

Include current time in the output

Tick to include the current time in the output payload as a column 'Current Timestamp'.

Selecting a type that does not match the file contents will cause an error on the published data stream e.g. selecting "Long" for text.




The simulated events will be made available on this endpoint with attributes matching the configured payload.


If errors are encountered during the execution of this Agent they will be published on this endpoint.

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