This section explains each of the properties in the configuration blade.




Associate the Agent to a specific Collection, defaults to that of the current Data Stream.

Refer to Collections and Stream Hosts to understand more about Collections.

CSV Details



The columns or attributes of the input payload to write to the CSV file.

Directory Path

The directory to which the CSV file will be written. It should be on the same machine as the stream host.

File Name

The CSV file name without the extension

Create New File Daily

Tick to append the date in the format yyyyMMdd e.g. MyCSVFile_20221022.csv. Unticked by default, i.e. continually write to a single file.

Replace File Content

Tick to overwrite the file content every time a batch of events are received. Unticked by default, i.e. event data is appended.

DateTime Format

An optional date time format to be applied to all datetime attributes e.g. yyyy.MMM.dd HH:mm.




This endpoint is used to receive data from the parent Agent.


Events received from the parent Agent are processed, but not made available to the endpoint. Split the data stream before this agent using a Broadcast Transformation if further processing of the events is necessary.

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