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This example Application demonstrates how to read real-time data from Data Stream Designer. It uses the Data Stream DS Connector Example Stream to receive data.
Refer to configuration to understand all configuration options of this Connector.

Step 1: Add the Data Source

Usually, you would need to add a connection, but the Data Streams Connector is prepopulated for all Applications. Click App Data to view the cache settings of the Data Streams Connector.
Drag a data grid onto the landing page. From the Block Properties blade of the data grid, select the Data Source tab.
Click the plus icon next to Data Source and select the Data Streams Connector from the Connections drop-down.

Step 2: Use the Connection

Select the entity to read, and enter the Data Source name.
In this case, set the entity to the 'Send Data to Connector' Agent of the applicable Data Stream, and the name to Data Stream. Save the Data Source.
Note that the primary key is auto-populated once the entity is selected.

Step 3: Use the Data Source

Select the Data Source we just added, and save the Widget.

Step 4: Results

Click the Launch button and view the results. Observe that pump data is returned from the related Data Stream.


Security Key
Data Stream Connector Example.xapp
Data Stream
DS Connector Example Stream.xuc
See the Import, Export, and Clone - XMPro article for steps to import a Data Stream and Application.