This example demonstrates how to use this Listener to retrieve the latest Vibration Data Points (PumpDriveEndVibration and PumpNonDriveEndVibration), for all equipment on Axis H.

You can download the files here to try it out yourself - adjusting the steps to use your own Erbessd credentials and Equipment details.

Refer to configuration to understand all configuration options of this Agent.

Step 1: Add the Agent

Drag the Erbessd Listener Agent onto the canvas and link the output endpoint to the printer. Rename it and save the Data Stream.

Step 2: Configure General

Select the Agent and click Configure. Keep the default Collection and polling interval.

Step 3: Configure Return Details

Set the return type and the return value type. In this case, set the return type to Vibration and the return value type to Latest.

Step 4: Configure Authentication

Enter the authentication details: base URL, user name, password, and database.

Step 5: Configure Equipment Details

Optionally, enter the equipment detail filters. In this case, select the PumpDriveEndVibration and PumpNonDriveEndVibration points and the H axis.

Step 6: Configure Settings

Keep the default timezone offset, metadata cache duration, polling delay, and concurrent task limit.

Step 7: Results

Apply the changes, save the Data Stream, and publish it.

Let's look at the Live Data View: observe the latest axis H sensor readings are returned for the specified vibration points every 10 seconds.


See the Import, Export, and Clone - XMPro article for steps to import a Data Stream.

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