Event Simulator


This section explains each of the properties in the configuration blade.


This associates the Agent to a specific Collection and defaults to that of the current Data Stream.
Refer to Collections and Stream Hosts to understand more about Collections.


No. of Events
The total number of records to generate. If zero (default), the Listener will output indefinitely until the Data Stream is stopped.
Events per Second
The number of records to generate per second.
Micro Batch?
Tick to send the records per second in batches of a configurable size. Unticked by default, i.e. records sent individually.
Batch Size
The number of records to send per micro batch.
If the number of records per second or the total number of records does not fit the batch size, a smaller batch with the remainder is produced.
Applies when Micro Batch? is ticked.
Assuming the following:
  • No. of Events: 15
  • Events per Second: 10
  • Micro Batch: enabled
  • Batch Size: 4
3 micro batches will be sent in the first second (4, 4 and 2); and 2 in the next second (4 and 1). There will be no further batches as the maximum number of events has been reached.

Event Definition

Defines the shape of the data to be output. There must be at least one row in this grid. Adding a new row, or selecting an existing row, will open another blade to allow you to edit that property.
The name of the property, which must be unique.
Range: The property will have its value randomised within a certain range for every record.
Fixed: The property will have a single value repeated for every record.
Value Type
The data type of the property. Applies to Fixed Type only, otherwise this is assumed to be Double.
Minimum Value
The minimum numeric value for the property to have. Applies to Range Type only.
Maximum Value
The maximum numeric value for the property to have. Applies to Range Type only.
Fixed Value
The value that will be output for every record. Applies to Fixed Type only.
For Boolean type values, enter "true" or "false".

Spike Settings

This area is used to generate a "spike" in a running data stream.
Spike Value
The value to "force" for this property.
Generate Spike
Press this button to force the next record generated by the Listener to use the Spike Value for this property.
Unlike most configuration settings, it is not necessary to configure the Spike Value property before the Data Stream is published.
Although the Spike Value cannot be saved while the Data Stream is running, the Generate Spike button uses the current value. This allows you to spike a single property multiple times with different values.
The spike request is sent to a single Stream Host. It is most useful when demonstrating, testing or developing a Data Stream in a collection with a single active stream host.


The generated events are made available to this endpoint, with properties as configured in the Event Definition, plus:
  • ReadingNo - a Long property that gives a count of records generated since the Data Stream was published.
  • Timestamp - a DateTime property that states when that record was generated.
If errors are encountered during the execution of this Agent, they will be published on this endpoint.