This section explains each of the properties in the configuration blade.




This associates the Agent to a specific Collection (default to that of the current Data Stream).

Polling Interval (seconds)

A timespan to specify how often should the Agent check for new data/changes or update its cache.

Refer to Collections and Stream Hosts to understand more about Collections.

File Monitor Settings


Target Directory Path

The directory to monitor. It should be on the same machine as the Stream Host.

Include sub directories

Tick to also monitor folders in the target directory.

Search Pattern

A search pattern to use when matching files (default *.*). The following wildcards can be used:

* (matches any number of characters , anywhere in the string)

? (matches a single character in a specific position)

Archive Files

Tick to move files to another directory once they have been detected; or leave the detected files in the target directory. Note: the files will be reprocessed each poll until removed.

Archive Directory Path

The directory where files will be moved once detected (applies when Archive Files is ticked).




Events describing each file detected are made available to this endpoint with these attributes:

Path, Original Filename, Extension, Creation Time UTC, Last Modified Time UTC, Archived Time UTC, Directory Path and Size.


If errors are encountered during the execution of this Agent they will be published on this endpoint.

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