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Release Notes


07 Sep 2022

  • Repackaged to include the Agent's Category


23 Dec 2021

  • Fixed context data not being available to match when allowing at most one match with context behaviour
  • Generate the combined dataset before applying Match Once
  • When Match Once is enabled, context data is:
    • available for subsequent matches on streaming data i.e. the streaming data is matched once.
    • not outputted as both a match and again as unmatched for outer joins (i.e. IsMatched does apply to context data).
    • not outputted as unmatched for an outer join when there would have been a match had Match Once not been applied.


06 Oct 2021

Prefix properties
  • Added option to override L_ or R_ prefixes
  • Added option to specify whether prefixes should only be added to duplicated field names (default is to continue prefixing as per prior versions)
  • Removed 3.37 option to specify whether to trim L_ and R_ prefixes


16 Aug 2021

  • Added option to specify whether to trim L_ and R_ prefixes (default is not to trim)


22 May 2020

Batch outer join output
  • Outer join unmatched events are output in batches
  • Outer joins are permitted on context sides
  • Rather than a single output per event, the outer join on a context side will be fulfilled every time a batch of data comes in on the streaming side


20 May 2020

Batch inner join output
  • Agent outputs matched events in batches
  • Configuration forbids and warns against outer joins on context
  • Updated logic to use the faster IComparable instead of dynamic


07 May 2020

  • Updated agent to handle errors via error endpoint


26 Feb 2020

  • Updated evaluation to throw errors when there is a fault


04 Sep 2018

  • Updated System.Reactive


20 Jun 2018

  • Added option to allow at most one match per record


24 May 2018

  • Removed output batching
  • Added try/catch to subscription-observing methods
  • Added field validation


10 May 2018

  • Altered handling of context data to better match Azure/Nesper and prevent duplicate outputs


01 May 2018

  • Added Context Provider-related configuration settings
  • Fixed the “>” operator incorrectly performing a “Less than” comparison


26 Apr 2018

  • Agent state updated to Virtual


26 Apr 2018

  • Added System.Reactive.dll and updated selected method


26 Apr 2018

  • Updated DLLs


25 Apr 2018

  • Fixed initialization issues