This section explains each of the properties in the configuration blade.




This associates the Agent to a specific Collection (default to that of the current Data Stream).

Polling Interval (seconds)

A timespan to specify how often should the Agent check for new data/changes or update its cache.

Refer to Collections and Stream Hosts to understand more about Collections.


Once the Server Url is provided, the Agent will attempt to connect to the Litmus Edge OPC UA Server and retrieve its available Endpoints. Selecting an Endpoint will populate the Security dropdown with the available User Security Policies for the Endpoint.


Use Variables

Tick to select saved Server Url, User Name, and Password variables; or enter the text manually.

Server Url

The Url of the OPC UA Server to connect to.


The Endpoint of the OPC UA Server to connect to. Each Endpoint follows a different Protocol, Security Mode, Security Policy, and Message Encoding.

Auto Accept Server Certificate

Tick to auto accept the certificate during server authentication.


The authentication options are:

  • Anonymous - none

  • UserName - basic

  • Certificate - the Agent generates its own Certificate and uses it to authenticate (go to the Litmus Edge portal to configure the certificate as trusted for Litmus Edge OPC UA Server Connections)

User Name

The User Name used to authenticate with the server (applies to UserName Security only).


The Password used to authenticate with the server (applies to UserName Security only).

Specify Branch

When the Connection details are completed, the Agent attempts to authenticate with the Litmus Edge OPC UA Server. If successful, the Address Space of the Server is made available to the Agent, allowing the navigation of Branches.


Branch Navigation

The method used to navigate to the Node where the Tag values are retrieved:

  • Using Dot Notation: the branch name and each child branch are separated by a dot.

  • Using Drill Down: select each level of the branch.

Branch Path

The dot-separated Branch path to the Node where the Tag values are retrieved (applies to Using Dot Notation Branch Navigation only). A path that is invalid or does not exist will not display any available Tags.

Do not use dots (.) in the Branch names to ensure the Address Space is traversed correctly.

Level 1 (up to Level 10)

Select the Branch path to the Node where the Tag values are retrieved - limited to 10 Levels (applies to Using Drill Down Branch Navigation only).


Once the Branch is provided, the Agent retrieves the available Tags for that Branch.


Available Tags

The available Tag values for the branch specified.

Add Selected Tags

Tick to add the selected Tags from Available Tags selection to the Tags Grid.

Tags Grid (Tag, Tag Value)

The grid defines the values to be updated:

  • Tag: The Branch Path of the Tag (including its name) that will be updated.

  • Tag Value: The column or attribute of the input payload that contains the new value. Assigning a Tag Value that does not match the Type of that Tag will cause an error on the published data stream e.g., selecting "Double" for text.

The Action Agent updates the Node's Value only due to a limitation on the Litmus Edge OPC UA Server. The Source and Server Timestamp retain the value from the server.




This endpoint is used to receive data from the parent Agent.


Events received from the parent Agent are processed and made available to this endpoint.


Errors encountered during the execution of this Agent will be published on this endpoint.

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