Release Notes


23 Feb 2023

  • Added query timeout in seconds

  • Added support for NOT IN and NOT LIKE operands to the filter criteria

  • Repackaged from a Function to an Action Agent


15 Nov 2022

  • Repackaged to include the Agent's Category


28 Jul 2020

  • Added support for IN operand in filter criteria

  • Changed the unique combination in the filter grid to include all 3 columns


14 May 2020

  • Fixed issue with system variables where in variable values are now not copied to text fields when switching from variable box to text box


29 Apr 2020

  • Added option to specify connection settings using system Variables

  • Using Connection Variables is the default setting from this version.

  • If upgrading the agent in an existing data stream, add the system variables first and then perform the variable mapping in the data stream


24 Aug 2019

  • Initial Release

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