Snowflake Connector

The Snowflake Connector allows you to connect to a Snowflake database and retrieve data as requested by the Application.
You can use this to provide or modify data in your Application. It is mostly used to handle contextual data (that is not expected to change often), but can also provide live data in real-time if the database it is connected to is configured to do so.
For more information on Snowflake, please see the Snowflake Documentation site.
Details for an example and its configuration can be found in the How to Use section.


A Snowflake account and credentials are required to use this Connector.


Snowflake Connector v1.0

Upcoming Features

Schema Selection. The ability to pick a schema, to act as a filter on the tables listed.
Stored Procedures. The ability to call stored procedures from the selected Snowflake database.
Last modified 1yr ago