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An example Data Stream that demonstrates how to use this Context Provider to return condition data entries for unit LC to plan repair inspections.
Refer to configuration to understand all configuration options of this Agent.

Step 1: Add the Agent

Drag the Tango Context Provider onto the canvas and link the output to the printer. Rename the Agent and save the Data Stream.

Step 2: Configure General

Select the Agent and click configure. Keep the default Collection and polling interval.

Step 3: Configure Settings

Enter the Authentication details of the Tango account to which you want to connect: server URL, user name, and password.
Select the database alias and database alias type.

Step 4: Configure Filter & Sorting

Enter the filter condition and sorting. In this case, set the filter to "UnitName contains LC", sort by the asset company name descending.

Step 5: Results

Apply the changes, save the Data Stream and publish it.
Let's look at the Live Data View. Observe the condition monitoring for LC units is printed.


Security Key
Data Stream
Read All Condition Monitoring Entries.xuc
See the Import, Export, and Clone - XMPro article for steps to import a Data Stream.