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This section explains each of the properties in the configuration blade.


This associates the Agent to a specific Collection (default to that of the current Data Stream).
Polling Interval (seconds)
A timespan to specify how often should the Agent check for new data/changes or update its cache.
Refer to Collections and Stream Hosts to understand more about Collections.

Connection Settings

The URL of the Telit IoT Portal that the deviceWise API is connecting to.
App Id
The unique value generated by the Telit device, associated with the Thing Key.
App Token
The token supplied by the Telit Management Portal, used to authenticate the session to the IoT Portal
Thing Key
The unique key that associates the Telit application or client to a particular Thing.
Once the Connection Settings are complete, the Agent attempts to authenticate using Application Authentication to connect with the Telit IoT Portal. If successful, the Thing Definition dropdown is populated with a list of available Thing Definitions to select.

Thing Definition

The Thing Definition is the properties required to define a Thing. Once a Thing Definition is selected, the Attributes to Return dropdown is populated with the available options.
Thing Definition
The Thing Definition of the Things to search for.
Fields to Return
The Thing fields which the Agent should return. If no field is specified, the Agent will return all the fields.
Attributes to Return
The Thing attributes which the Agent should return.

Filtering & Sorting

Search Query
The search query to filter Things given the Thing Definition. The Agent uses the api. See Using Search for the list of possible queries.
Number of Rows
The number of rows that should be returned. The maximum is 2000 and it defaults to 2000 when set to blank or 0.
Sort By
The field that the results should be sorted by.
Sort Direction
The sort direction can be Ascending or Descending.


An event per item matching the search query for the Thing will be made available on this endpoint with attributes matching the configured fields and attributes, as well as the Timestamp, Error Codes, and Error Messages of the request.
Errors encountered during the execution of this Agent will be published on this endpoint.