This section explains each of the properties in the configuration blade.




This associates this agent to a specific collection and defaults to that of the current data stream.

Visit Collections and Stream Hosts to understand more about Collections.

XML Reader

The properties grid contains the outgoing payload. Click '+' to add a new property.

Leave this grid empty to return the file contents in a string attribute named XMLData.



The column or attribute names for the output payload.

XPath Expression

The node location, expressed in XPath syntax, whose value is used in the output payload. The value of the first matched node is used or left blank if there is no match.

Before configuring the Action Agent, please ensure that its input endpoint is connected to a parent Agent which will be sending data to it.

Input Mapping


FilePath (String)

The column or attribute of the input payload that contains the file path for the XML file to be read.

Refer to Setup Input Mappings for step-by-step instructions.




This endpoint is used to receive data from the parent Agent, which must include an attribute containing the file path to be read.


One event is made available to this endpoint for every event received from the parent Agent. The string attributes of the output payload are named as per the properties grid.

If the properties grid is empty, the event has one string property called XMLData, containing the file contents.


If errors are encountered during the execution of this Agent they will be published on this endpoint.

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