XMPro App


This section explains each of the properties in the configuration blade.


This associates this agent to a specific Collection and defaults to that of the current Data Stream.
Refer to Collections and Stream Hosts to understand more about Collections.


Use Connection Variables
Tick to use variables for the Url and Integration Key; or enter these manually.
The URL of the App Designer server to which events are sent.
Integration Key
The Integration Key of the App Designer server. Please contact your administrator to get the correct value to use if you are entering this manually.
Cache Size
The number of records cached in the App Designer server. Whichever is lower between this setting and the Cache Size setting of the connected Data Streams Connector is used.
Replace Cache
If ticked, every time this agent sends records to the App Designer, the cache of the connected Data Streams Connector will be cleared before the new records are inserted.
Cache Per Entity?
If ticked, there will be separate caches for every unique Identifier value - the value in the property configured in the Identifier property. I.e. the Cache Size and Replace Cache properties apply either in total or per entity.
Eg. If Cache Size is set to 20 and the Data Stream only sends 2 unique Identifier values "Pump25G" and "Pump25H", then both entities will have a cache with a maximum of 20 records and there will be a maximum of 40 records overall. If a set of "Pump25G" records are sent with Replace Cache ticked, its existing records will be replaced without affecting the records of "Pump25H".
Flush Cache
Click to clear App Designer's server-side cache. E.g. If a filter is applied in the Data Stream to send values greater than 20 and later it is changed to send values greater than 25, the previous values between 21 and 25 will stay in the cache. This button allows you to clear the server-side cache on demand, including the values between 21 and 25.


An optional column or attribute of the input payload used to identify different Entities for caching. If Cache By Entity is ticked, each unique value for Identifier can have up to Cache Size number of records in its cache.
Primary Key
An optional group of attributes from the input payload to uniquely identify individual records for updating/removal purposes by the client and the backend.
Before configuring the Action Agent, please ensure that its input endpoint is connected to a parent Agent which will be sending data to it.


This endpoint is used to receive data from the parent Agent.
Events received from the parent Agent are made available to this endpoint with identical attributes and data.