Action Request

These Agents are used to receive, process, and close Action Requests from an App Designer server. Action Requests are created when a user clicks a button on a user-defined Form in a Recommendation Alert.

The Read Action Request acts as a Listener to receive the details of open Action Requests from the App Designer server and publishes them for processing in the Data Stream.

You can use this to expand the range of interactions to update data, send notifications, or trigger additional processing when attending to an Alert. As Recommendations and Forms are user-created, the uses of this agent are numerous.

As an example, an engineer attending to an Alert generated by a pump with low oil could update inventory, or trigger another Alert requesting further maintenance or specific repairs.

The Close Action Request acts as an Action Agent to take the details of an open Action Request from upstream and close them on the App Designer server. Events read by the Read Action should always be closed once they have been processed, or they will remain open and may be processed again.

See the Action Requests article for more information on Action Requests and Recommendation Alerts.

See both Agents in action in this example.


An App Designer server that is accessible using the same Subscription Manager credentials as the Data Stream Designer instance is required to use these Agents.

The minimum XMPro App Designer version required for the Read Action Request Agent's Form Filter Type (introduced with v2.00) is v4.1.13.


Please contact XMPro if you're looking for an older version of this Agent.

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