Azure Data Explorer

The Azure Data Explorer Agents allow you to connect your Data Stream to an Azure Data Explorer (ADX) instance.
The ADX platform is a fully managed, high-performance, big data analytics platform that makes it easy to analyze high volumes of data in near real time. For more information about the ADX platform, please see their store page and documentation.
The Listener allows you to return new rows added to an Azure Data Explorer's table. It operates on a timed interval and returns all new rows added to the table since the last interval.
The Context Provider allows you to read and output the entire contents of an Azure Data Explorer's table to the Data Stream for contextual data.
The Action Agent allows you to insert or update rows in Azure Data Explorer's table. You can configure whether the destination table should be created before writing to it.


The user must have credentials to an Azure subscription with permissions set up to allow reading and managing Azure Data Explorer instances.


Azure Data Explorer Listener v1.13
Azure Data Explorer Context Provider v1.12
Azure Data Explorer Action Agent v1.04
Please contact XMPro if you're looking for an older version of this Agent.
Last modified 3mo ago