Azure Data Lake

The Azure Data Lake Action Agent allows you to store data in an Azure Data Lake Gen2 Storage instance. Once stored, it is possible to ingest the data into Azure Analytics offerings such as Azure Synapse.

Please note that only Premium-tier Storage instances are eligible for use as an Azure Data Lake.

For more information on Azure Data Lake, please see its website and documentation, as well as the website and documentation for Azure Storage Accounts, which Data Lakes run on.

Details for an example and its configuration can be found in the How to Use section.

Azure resource creation

This Agent includes the capability to create Azure resources directly from the configuration blade. However, the functionality has to be enabled by adding a Variable to the Data Stream's environment with the name "Azure:EnableResourceManagement" and a value of "true".


An Azure App Registration with write permissions for Azure Storage Accounts is required to use this Agent. In addition, one of the following is necessary:

  • An Azure Storage Account on the Premium Storage tier and an Account Kind of BlockBlobStorage.

  • The App Registration must have permissions to create and manage Azure Storage Account instances.

It is also recommended, but not required, for the App Registration to have read access to Azure Resource Management.



Azure Data Lake Action Agent v1.11

Please contact XMPro if you're looking for an older version of this Agent.

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