Azure Event Hub

The Azure Event Hub agents allow you to send messages to, and receive messages from, an Azure Event Hub.

The Listener allows you to receive messages from an Azure Event Hub. It can be used to retrieve messages from sensors configured to send to an Event Hub.

The Action Agent allows you to send messages to an Azure Event Hub. It can be used to send processed records to be handled by an Azure service linked to an Event Hub.

You can also use the Azure Event Hub Agents as Remote Agents, which will send records between different legs of a single Data Stream running on different Stream Host Collections.

An overview of Event Hubs and links to further official documentation can be found here.


The following is requires to use these Agents:

  • The URI of an Azure Event Hub Namespace

  • The name of an Azure Event Hub within that namespace

  • A Shared Access Policy key and name with at least Read permissions (for the Listener) or Write permissions (for the Action Agent) on that namespace or event hub


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