Azure SQL Connector

The Azure SQL Connector allows you to connect to a remote Azure SQL database and retrieve data as requested by the application.

You can use this to provide or modify data in your application. It is mostly used to handle contextual data (that is not expected to change often), but can also provide live data in real-time if the database it is connected to is configured to do so.

Most importantly, it should have service broker functionality enabled and should allow the creation of queues and table triggers by the user whose credentials are being used.

Supported data types

The following SQL data types are supported:

SQL Query Guidelines


A semicolon is the standard way to separate each SQL statement in database systems that allow more than one SQL statement to be executed in the same call to the server. However, it is not necessary for a single query.

An incorrect syntax error will appear when a single query with a semicolon is specified on the script box.


SQL Subqueries or queries within a query is a tool that allows us to perform tasks more efficiently by having only one query instead of several. However, this feature is not yet supported by this Connector.


Due to the validation of the input query, it is highly recommended that a query is copied and pasted into the script box rather than typing it.


Azure SQL database credentials are required to use this Connector.


Please contact XMPro if you're looking for an older version of this Connector.

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