Release Notes


25 Oct 2021

  • Fixed output attributes to also show parent outputs
  • Fixed the issue with Input Mapping


14 Sep 2021

  • Added hints to Algorithm Parameters and Model Options fields


25 Aug 2021

  • Input Map added to map variables to the training dataset
  • Input map removed from the grid in the agent
  • Dropdown added in the grid to select each variable as feature, class variable or exclude it.
  • Traning file caption changed to Dataset
  • Implemented IMapAndReceiveAgent to forward all inputs
  • Added Average Perceptron, Fast Forest, Field Aware Factorization Matrix, Gam, Lbfgs Logistic Regression, LdSVM, LinearSVM, SDGNonCalibrated, SDGCalibrated


09 Aug 2021

  • Updated the Agent and ML Shared DLL file to resolve the Assembly Load issue


20 May 2019

  • Training file field names are automatically generated if there is no header


20 May 2019

  • Input Map changed to config-based mapping
  • Added validation related to the mapping change


15 May 2019

  • Initial Release