This section explains each of the properties in the configuration blade.




This associates the Agent to a specific Collection (default to that of the current Data Stream).

Refer to Collections and Stream Hosts to understand more about Collections.




The list of expressions. Click '+' to add a new expression, which comprises the Calculated Field, Expression and Data Type.

Calculated Field

The attribute name for the expression. You can overwrite an existing attribute from the input payload by choosing it from the dropdown or create a new one by typing in a new name.


The calculation, which may make use of operations, functions, variables and other attribute.

Data Type

The data type of the calculated expression: String, Int32, Int64, Double, Boolean or DateTime.

Results Returned As

The expressions can either be appended to the incoming payload (Append to Current) or a new payload is created that consists only of the expressions (New).

You can use a calculated field in another calculated field's expression using, e.g. Col2 = {Col1} * 2.

Additionally, you can use a variable as an expression using [], e.g. Col2 = [rowValue].

Before configuring the Transformation, please ensure that its input endpoint is connected to a parent Agent which will be sending data to it.




This endpoint is used to receive data from the parent Agent.


Depending on the Results Returned As configuration, either the expression(s) are added to events received from the parent Agent or solely the expressions form a new payload - which are made available to this endpoint.


If errors are encountered during the execution of this Agent they will be published on this endpoint.

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