Concatenate Row Values

Concatenation is a data processing operation that combines multiple pieces of data to create a single, larger, piece of data.

The Concatenate Row Values Transformation allows you to transform an incoming batch into one row, where the values of selected columns are concatenated with the specified separator.

This is useful when your data consists of batched contextual data, where each event has data for a different value that you need to combine into a single value to prepare input for Agents that use an array, such as REST API and Boon Amber.

For example, concatenate a batch of individual asset numbers into a comma-separated list called AssetList. Next, use the Calculated Field Agent to format the value by adding a leading and trailing single quote. Finally, use the resulting string with an 'IN' operand as filter criteria on Agents such as the SAP HANA Action Agent.

Details for an example and its configuration can be found in the How to Use section.


This Agent expects to receive batched data.


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