The Rest API Agents allow interaction with different applications using RESTful APIs.

The Context Provider allows you to get data from a defined RESTful API operation and output the entire contents to the Data Stream for contextual data. All rows in the file are made available to the output endpoint as a single event.

The Action Agent allows you to perform operations using RESTful API. This is useful when exchanging data between different applications when a RESTful API is available from the application.


  • They only support JSON-based REST APIs.

  • They do NOT support JArray data: the data returned by the RESTful endpoint must not contain JArray data.


The Agents require a RESTful API metadata configuration file that contains the operations, their parameters, and the output schema of the operations.

Please refer to Metadata File Configuration for how to define RESTful API metadata.


Please contact XMPro if you're looking for an older agent version.

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