Streaming Data Platform

The Dell Streaming Data Platform is a platform for ingesting, storing, and analyzing continuously streaming data in real time. By combining this streaming storage solution with the convenience of out-of-the-box support, SDP provides ease of implementation to deliver next-generation business insights from valuable streaming data with little effort.

This enterprise-ready platform gives organizations access to a single solution for all of their data (whether streaming or not) that provides out-of-the-box functionality and support for high-speed data ingestion with an open-source and auto-scaling streaming storage solution.

The SDP Agents allow you to include data from an SDP stream into your Data Stream.

The Listener allows you to return new rows added to a stream. It operates on a timed interval and returns all new rows added to the stream since the last interval.

The Context Provider allows you to read and output the entire contents of a stream to the Data Stream for contextual data.


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Streaming Data Platform Listener v1.0

Streaming Data Platform Context Provider v1.0

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