Telit MQTT

The MQTT protocol is a lightweight communication method designed for the Internet of Things concept. It allows small devices to communicate on networks with low throughput or high bandwidth usage.

The Telit MQTT Agents allow your Data Stream to send messages to and receive messages from an external MQTT broker.

The Listener allows you to receive records from sensors that are set up to send messages to an MQTT broker.

The Action Agent as Remote Agents, allows you to send records between different legs of a single Data Stream running on different Stream Host Collections.

For more information about the MQTT protocol, please click here.


The following is required to use this Agent:

  • MQTT broker address

  • Access to broker port e.g. 1883

  • Minimum XMPro Data Stream Designer v4.0


Please contact XMPro if you're looking for an older version of this Agent.

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