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Release Notes


24 Jan 2023
  • Fixed encryption of the Authentication Token variable.


16 Dec 2022
  • Added variable support for the From property.
  • NOTE: This is a breaking change if you are using variables as it requires the Agent's From to be reconfigured.


16 Dec 2022
  • Repackaged to include the Agent's category.
  • Added the Refresh Place Holder button to make it easier to add a placeholder to the message.
  • Added encryption to the Authentication Token property.
  • NOTE: This is a breaking change as it requires the Agent's Authentication Token to be reconfigured.


14 May 2020

  • Fixed issue with system variables wherein variable values are now not copied to text fields when switching from variable box to text box


29 Apr 2020

  • Added option to specify connection settings using system variables
  • Using Connection Variables is the default setting from this version
  • If upgrading the Agent in an existing data stream, add the system variables first and then perform the variable mapping in the data stream


09 Apr 2020

  • Removed postback from Body control to avoid postback on every keystroke


25 May 2018

  • Removing html tags from message text


04 Mar 2019

  • Updated help URL


17 Nov 2017

  • Fixed issue related to opening of Twilio Action Agent Settings, if there are no input stream objects connected


01 May 2017

  • Initial Release