Convert Flow Units

Flow is the volume of fluid that passes in a unit of time. It is often measured in units of cubic feet per second (cfs), cubic meters per second (cms), gallons per minute (gpm), or other various units. Measurement of flow is important for applications such as system control, condition monitoring, billing, and many other applications.

This Function allows conversion from one unit to another e.g. liters per minute (lpm) to gallons per minute (gpm) etc.

Following is a list of supported Units:

  • Cubic Feet Per Minute

  • Cubic Meters Per Hour

  • Cubic Meters Per Minute

  • Cubic Meters Per Second

  • Imp Gallons Per Day

  • Imp Gallons Per Minute

  • Liters Per Hour

  • Liters Per Minute

  • Liters Per Second

  • US Gallons Per Day

  • US Gallons Per Minute

Details for an example and its configuration can be found in the How to Use section.


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