This example Data Stream demonstrates how to use this Context Provider to return data from the SAP HANA database table.

Refer to configuration to understand all configuration options of this Agent.

Step 1: Add the Agent

Drag the SAP HANA Context Provider Agent onto the canvas, link the output endpoint to the printer, and save the Data Stream.

Step 2: Configure General

Select the Agent and click Configure. Keep the default Collection and polling interval.

Step 3: Configure Connection Details

Enter the DSN and driver and the authentication details: server, port, username, and password.

Step 4: Object Details

Select the database, schema, table, and columns to return. In this case, set the database to HXE, the schema to SYS, and the table to RS_TABLES_. Select all columns to be returned.

Step 5: Configure Filtering & Sorting

Specify the filter criteria, rows to return, and sort order.

In this case, click '+' and add the filter Name Contains Seasonal. Leave rows to return as blank. Click '+' and add a sort by on OID in ascending order.

Apply the changes and save the Data Stream.

Step 6: Results

Click Publish.

Let's look at the Live Data View. The filtered and sorted rows from the RS_TABLES_ table are printed.


See the Import, Export, and Clone - XMPro article for steps to import a Data Stream.

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